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Back Beat

Bachelors & Them August 1965

Bachelors & Them August 1965

Donovan September 1965

Donovan September 1965

Date Records February 1966

Date Records February 1966

The Blue Things October 1965

The Blue Things October 1965

Manfred Mann and Dylan

Invasion in the Billboard’s Top 30 – August 20th, 1966

Beatles - Capitol 5715 - Yellow Submarine - PS

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 Song – Summer in the City – The Lovin Spoonful

Number 4 – Wild Thing – The Troggs (2nd week at #4)

Number 7 – The Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters (down from #5)

Number 8 – Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones (2nd week at #8)

Number 10 – Sunshine Superman – Donovan (up from #20)

Number 13 – Over, Under, Sideways, Down – The Yardbirds (2nd week at #13)

Number 18 – This Door Swings Both Ways – Herman’s Hermits (down from #12)

Number 30 – Distant Shores – Chad & Jeremy (up from #31)

Hot 100 Debuts August 20th, 1966

Number 52 – Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

Number 99 – Get Away – Freddie & the Dreamers

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 101 – Elenore Rigby – The Beatles

Number 103 – To Show I Love You – Peter and Gordon

Number 107 – The Kid’s Alright – The Who

Number 110 – Alfie – Cilla Black

Number 113 – I Put a Spell On You – Alan Price

Number 134 – Just Like a Woman – Manfred Mann

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The British Invasion in the Top 30 on the Hot 100 – July 9th, 1966

The Beatles recaptured the number 1 spot – rescuing it from Sinatra – another musical icon.  The Troggs catapulted into the Top Ten with Wild Thing – a release which would chart in almost equal numbers on both Fontana and Atco records simultaneously.  Eventually Fontana would retain exclusive rights to U.S. releases.

Many debuts this week including some little remembered releases such as Wayne Fontana’s “Come On Home” (without the Mindbenders) which would only reach #117 and would be his only single U.S. charting release.  Twice as Much were the English duo Dave Skinner and Andrew Rose – both finding their way onto vinyl via the Rolling Stones.  “Twice as Much” was penned by Mick Jagger.  “This is My House” by the Moody Blues would peak at number 117 and Chad and Jeremy’s Distant Shores at number 30.

Twice as Much - MGM 13530 - Sittin on a Fence - PS Rolling Stones - London 902 - Mother's Little Helper - PS Chad & Jeremy - Columbia 43682 - Distant Shores - PS

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 – Paperback Writer – The Beatles (up from #2 and returning to the top spot)

Number 6 – Wild Thing – The Troggs (up from #47)

Number 9 – Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones (down from #4)

Number 13 – Don’t Bring Me Down – The Animals (down from #12)

Number 22 – The Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters (up from #42)

Number 23 – Rain – The Beatles – (up from #24)

Number 28 – Please Tell Me Why – The Dave Clark Five (up from #33)

Hot 100 Debuts July 9th, 1966

Number 69 – Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

Number 78 – This Door Swings Both Ways – Herman’s Hermits

Number 98 – Distant Shores – Chad & Jeremy

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 103 – Lady Jane – The Rolling Stones

Number 122 – Come On Home – Wayne Fontana

Number 125 – Pretty Flamingo – Manfred Mann

Number 131 – Sittin’ On a Fence – Twice As Much

Number 133 – This Is My House – The Moody Blues

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Teenage Failure by…

Chad and Jeremy was basically just that – scratching the lower ends of the charts for a single week in 1966.

Compilation LP – March 1964

Ryan Brothers – March 1966


Manfred Paul Jones – October 1966

Ireland’s Creatures – 1966

The Kinks – December 1966

The British Invasion on the Hot 100 – February 5th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Petula Clark from England at #1 for the first week)

Number 4 – We Can Work it Out – The Beatles (down from #1)

Number 9 – A Must to Avoid – Herman’s Hermits (down from #8)

Number 12 – As Tears Go By – The Rolling Stones (down from #5)

Number 17 – A Well Respected Man (up from #19)

Number 22 – Day Tripper – The Beatles (down from #17)

Number 26 – Michelle – David and Jonathan (up from #36)

February 5th, 1966 Hot 100 Invasion Debuts

Number 73 – At the Scene – The Dave Clark 5

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 113 – This Golden Ring – The Fortunes (peaks at #82)

Number 131 – Teenage Failure – Chad & Jeremy (peaks at #131)

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The Beatles

Two releases from the Long Play “Beatles VI” would make their debut “Eight Days a Week” joined by the flip side of the record “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”.  This would mark the Beatles’ fifth Long Play to hit number 1 in the U.S. and their seventh top 10 LP.

The Liverbirds

All female Beat groups were rare – playing their own instruments; The Liverbirds formed in 1962 and were originally The Debutones.  They had a large following at Hamburg’s Star Club.  The original group included Irene Green (vocals) and Sheila McGlory (guitar) who both departed before the migration to Germany (as shown in the video).  Sheila went to The Demoiselles and Irene moved on to become “Tiffany” fronting Tiffany’s Dimensions.  She later formed Tiffany’s Thoughts.

The new lineup included Pam Birch (guitar), Mary McGlory (bass) from the Bikinis, Valerie Gell (guitar) and Sylvia Saunders (drums).  The group broke up in 1967.

If anyone knows of other female Invasion era groups – playing their own instruments, let me know.

Invaders on the Charts – February 20th, 1965

(Gary Lewis moves into the top spot with “This Diamond Ring”)

Topper Most of the Popper Most

Number 7 – All Day and All of the Night – The Kings (3rd week at 7)
Number 9 – I Go to Pieces – Peter & Gordon (up from 10)
Number 11 – Tell Her No – The Zombies (down from 16)
Number 19 – Heart of Stone – The Rolling Stones (up from 21)

Debuts for February 20th

Number 53 – Eight Days a Week – The Beatles
Number 77 – If I Loved You – Chad and Jeremy
Number 81 – I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party – The Beatles
Number 89 – Come Tomorrow – Manfred Mann

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Who Knows – the “You Know Who”?

British Invasion Debuts - November 14th, 1964

November 14th of 1964 ushered in three strong debut songs from the Invaders including Chad & Jeremy’s third chart single “Willow Weep for Me”, Dave Clark’s “Anyway You Want It” (their 9th hit during 1964), and Manfred Mann with “Sha La La” – hot on the heels of their chart topping “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”, their second chart record.

The "You Know Who Group" (Undertakers Maybe?)

The You Know Who Group were another British Invasion ploy with an apparent twist: Radio station WFMU relates a curious tale of this seemingly concocted studio group actually being the Mersey side “Undertakers” who re-established themselves in the U.S. and recorded for a brief time as “The You Know Who Group”.  There is much disagreement about this – but I located this Post by Bob Eder of “All Music Guide” which seems to put any doubt to rest.

And the liner notes on their sole U.S. long play release made a single reference to a possible Invasion connection: “The Boys with That Great New English Sound” (released on International records).  Their single “Roses Are Red My Love” was released on the affiliated 4 Corners label.  WFMU states that they came to the U.S. in 1965 but this single appeared in November of 64.  Pete Frame in his family tree series “The Beatles & Some Other Guys” tracks the Undertakers history but makes no mention of them becoming the “You Know Who Group” and in fact does reference a 1964 New York trip where they briefly performed (as the Undertakers) and then broke up for good.  I have compared Undertaker photos with the You Know Who Group LP Cover and there certainly could be a member or two in both photos.

You Know the Undertakers??

The original Undertakers formed around 1961 and originally included Bob Evans on drums, Jimmy McManus doing vocals, Les McGuire on Sax (later with Gerry & the Pacemakers), Chris Huton & Geoff Newton on guitars, and Mushy Cooper on bass (he would to onto Faron’s Flamingos and the Lee Curtis All Stars).  A later line-up would briefly include Apple Record’s Jackie Lomax who started out with Dee & the Dynamites in the early 60’s.

British Invasion on the U.S. Billboard Charts – November 14th, 1964

(Visit Joel Whitburn’s Record Research website presenting Billboard Charts)

Top Invaders:

(Number 1 – Baby Love by the Supremes – 4th Week)
Number 5 – Honeycombs – Have I the Right
Number 7 – Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Number 9 – Zombies – She’s Not There


You Know Who Group – Roses Are Red My Love – #126 – Peaks at #43
Chad & Jeremy – Willow Weep For Me – #94 – Peaks at #15
Dave Clark Five – Anyway You Want It – #78 – Peaks at #14
Manfred Mann – Sha La La – #71 – Peaks at #12

Gale Garnett – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine – #12
Terry Black (Canada) – Unless You Care #103
Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song – #32
Searchers – When You Walk Into the Room – #37
Rolling Stones – Time is On My Side – #18
Herman’s Hermits – I’m into Something Good – #28
Dave Clark Five – Everybody Knows – #23
Peter and Gordon – I Don’t Want to See You Again – #24
Gerry & Pacemakers – I Like It – #26
Kinks – You Really Got Me – #13
Animals – I’m Crying – #27
Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road – #15

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